Casey Silverman

Licensed RE Salesperson | Edry Team Manager

Determined, driven and passionate are just a few of the characteristics that describe what makes Casey an indispensable “go-to” person in today’s competitive New York City market place. During her illustrious career she has been called upon to manage a number of the most successful real estate teams at top brokerages throughout Manhattan. She has overseen scores of condo, co-op and cond-op sales as well as multiple luxury rentals.

Casey is a consummate professional and prides herself on delivering exceptional customer service. Her outgoing personality coupled with a psychology and business background makes her the perfect choice for every buyer, renter, or seller.

Originally from Northern California, Casey’s parents moved often, fostering her admiration and zeal for real estate in different markets. She has traveled the globe and enjoys experiencing the different cultures of the world. No matter where she goes, she’s always happy to come home to the center of the universe, New York City.